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Monday, October 08, 2007

Back on the Bay

My first trip back out on the Bay after a short break, A quick look at the hot water for tailor with no luck, Trolled Yarra bay and scored one nice Tailor.
Anchored at Trevally Alley and found the fishing slow the Trevally were all of a good size landing only six for an hours fishing Nippers and Pilchards as bait.
Flathead on plastics tried Yarra Bay, Brighton and Ramsgate with no luck but this will be drfferent next trip this is how I fine the Flathead spinning in the Bay.
Fish Kurnell Point and had a great session on the Trevally with a lone Tailor joining in so not a bad day out on the water but you will need to work for your fish.

Saturday the 13th, Sunday 21st are still free.

Next Singles day is on the Sunday the 4th of November

Next fishing school the 5th of November and there are still a few spots free.

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