Botany Bay Fishing Report with Scotty Lyons

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Monday, February 20, 2012

At last a nice Kingie from the Bay, caught at the Oil Wharf

on the run out tide yesterday on a live bait.

Bream are about but you will need to move about to find them, Wide from Towra Point to the Sticks your best chance, I fished the lower end and the Third Runway but slow going.

We caught a few Occys over the weekend while target Bream,

these two were heading to BBQ.

Another nice Bream caught wide from Towra


Well after last week I though this weekend would prove a top weekend of fishing but what a tough weekend, no surface action any were, how can that be, to catch a few Bream we fished all over the Bay, I trolled the Third runway for a few small choppers and they were as big as the lures, Trolled both headlands on Sunday for zip. Fished the Drums only to find small leatherjacket in big numbers again steeling baits, hooks and sinkers. Fished the Oil wharf to our surprise hooked two Kings landing one and the other found a pylon and cut us off, still two great days on the water and all took home a feed.


*I have one spot this Wednesday for a Deep sea trip.

*Wednesday the 29th spots open.

*Deep sea trip Wednesday the 7th four spots open.




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