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Sunday, August 03, 2014

Sydney Charter Fishing

Last Monday Paul and I headed off shore to film Youtube clips for The Hook and The Cook at first we though that Tuna may be a go but changed our mines about 14miles off shore as the weather turned for the worst so we then punched back toward the Humps of Stanwell tops to target Snapper.
We filmed three great clips so stayed tuned to our You tube channel, one clip you wont believe.
Black Fish day on Wednesday turned out a ripper with all landing good fish and even a 2kg Drummer in the river.
Sunday we fished the Bay for Trevally, Bream and Salmon so a good day on the Bay.


Wednesday the 6th SOUTH COAST TRIP I have three spots open.

Saturday the 9th Deep sea trip heading north from the Bay three spots open.

Blackfish Day Wednesday the 13th spots open.

Saturday the 16th South Coast Deep sea trip.

0418 169 439

Regards Scotty Lyons