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Monday, August 24, 2015

Sydney Charter Fishing Trips

The weather this week played the game for us, top conditions to head off shore, down south all lined up well to target Snapper but the Barracoota turn up to spoil our fun, boy did I tie a few new rigs this week as the Coota love snipping our rigs off, back to the shed to make more sinkers.
Yes the Snapper are their but its very tricky to get a bait to them without the Coota taking it first, Nature fights back I guess.
Best method I worked out was to drift the outter edges of the reef to avoid the Coota or anchor and fish the bottom but no burley and this produced well on my last trip south.
Headed to the Peak on Saturday and was belted all the way by the north wind, fishing was slow picked up a few bottom species but no Kings, Flathead are about in good numbers across the sand in 50metres out from the Bay.
 Lucas was a few Reds from Sunday south coast trip
Sand Flathead are about in good numbers


Friday the 28th looks spot on to head south for Snapper spot now open.

Saturday the 29th I have 5 spots to fish Botany Bay.

Wednesday the 2nd Black Fish Day spot now open.

Sunday the 6th of September South Coast Snapper Day. 

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