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Monday, July 04, 2016

Charter Fishing Sydney

Snapper are on the chew with great result coming from the south coast trips with good size fish and great numbers of late.
Starting in 40 metres sitting on the anchor and setting a good burley trail is producing a few fish but better results are coming from the deeper water in 50 to 60 metres on the drift.
Back towards the Port Hacking good number of Sand Flat head are also about, you need to move about to find them, start in 30metres then head out to 40metre on the drift for best results.


Friday the 25th of July two spots open to fish the Peak 
for King Fish then onto the reefs for Snapper.

Saturday the 16th spots open to fish Deep sea trip.

Sunday the 17th Botany Bay trip.

South Coast Snapper day 20th spots now open.

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Regards Scotty Lyons