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Monday, January 30, 2017

Fishing World Records

Well a few strange days on the water last week, Steve Wozniak join me again, Steve is a species hunter with 1658 species caught around the world he has fished in 88 countries as well quite an effort.
Steve and I found 8 new species to add to his list and four new world records as well, great few days on the water with a good mate.
Kings are about in Botany Bay but most seem to be rats around the 60cm but good fun, Sunday was a little tough working hard for every fish landed in windy conditions.
All Botany Bay trip we are now targeting King Fish. 

 Steve with his two new World Records.

 Fun on Botany Bay, Squid and Kings.


Friday the 10th is open Bay or Deep sea.

15th I have spots now open to fish the Bay.

22nd Bay trip five spots open.

 I have one spot open on the 25th Bay trip. 

1st of March Deep sea trip spots open.

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