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Monday, October 13, 2008

Top weather all weekend

After Fridays fish, Nathan headed out Deep sea on the Saturday, Leaving from the Port Hacking River they headed south to target Snapper, Fished the Hump, Restaurant and a few other spots but no good on the Reds he said the water had no run and if there no run there no fun.
No Snapper but the boys picked up a good bag of fish any way, Pig fish, Jackets, Flathead and a heap of Barracouta this show that the water is still rather cool so all in all a rather good day and the sea and weather were spot on.

*Wednesday and Thursday this week are open, Head off shore or fish the Bay.
*Saturday Afternoon trip on the 18th from 1pm to 7pm, Spots still open.
Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursdays.
$150.00 for singles or book the boat $700.00
Starts next week.
*Two spots open for the 28th Singles day Deep sea trip.
*November the 2nd two spots open Singles day Botany Bay trip.
*Fishing school is on the 3rd and I have spots open.
*First open weekend is 15th and 16th fish Deep sea or Botany Bay.
Regards Scotty Lyons