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Sunday, March 05, 2017

SHARKS in Botany Bay

Well a very interesting few days of fishing, Bream are on fire with good catches most days wide from the runways and the odd Trevally mixed in, both tides fishing well.
Want to know how to catch Bream in the Bay Check this link
Hooked a King Fish that got smashed by a big Shark at Trevally Alley a first for me in the Bay, Yak fishos keep your feet in the boat as I think there is more than one hanging around.
King did slow up a little as the Bay on Sunday was quite dirty after all the rain.

Keen to join us to fish WILD WEIPA this year 

I now have four spots open in September 2nd to the 8th. 

 Good catch of Bream
 Remains of the Kingie after the Shark attack

Landis with a solid Bream, nice work mate.


Deep sea trip on the 15th of March two spots open.

4 Spots open on the 22nd to fish the Bay.

Friday the 24th Botany Bay trip spots open now.

26th of March three spot open to fish the Bay.



 Regards Scotty Lyons