Botany Bay Fishing Report with Scotty Lyons

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Sunday, June 04, 2017

Scotty Fishing Report

Cold weather hits hard across Sydney and Saturday we found the fishing a little tough in Botany Bay, not that we never caught fish the Bay id full of small Trevally 25cm and every spot we tried they turned up in big numbers, good fun but tricky if you are after a feed.
Big Tailor save the day caught on the troll on small CD 7s.
Fished Deep on Sunday and did well on Bonito trolling the coast early we then anchored just of the wedding cake island for a bag of Trevally and a few small rat kings on light tackle is always fun.
The wind than pushed in from the south making all very tough to end the day.


Saturday the 17th spots now open to fish Botany Bay or Deep sea.

Sunday the 18th Bay trip three spots open.

21st of June Snapper day south coast.

24th & 25th both open Bay or Deep sea trips.

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