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Monday, October 16, 2017


Well again the weather is making it tricky for anglers to head out onto the water.
Over last the week the fish was rather good on the days we headed out, Bonito are thick along the coast heading north from Botany Bay which is a little strange for October but thats fishing I guess.
Good sand Flathead are about in 55mtres straight out from Botany Bay fishing the bottom along with the odd Leather Jacket as we lost a few leads while fishing.
Botany Bay is fishing well with good Trevally about but you will need to move about to find them as many are under size and in big numbers at a lot of spots.
Sinning with Plastic for Flathead bring results with a few good fish.

 Our Squid day are  going well, Dave and I will be running more soon, 
keen let me know all trips are mid week.
 The boy with a good Bonito trolling the coast early.


Thursday this week looks spot on heading off shore spots now open. 

Next Sunday the 22nd South Coast Snapper Day, spots now open.

Wednesday the 25th South Coast Snapper day, four spots open.

Friday the 27th is open for Bay or Deep sea trips.

Sunday the 29th Botany Bay trip spots now open.

Regards Scotty Lyons