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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Another windy weekend for all fishos, The fishing school hit the water on Sunday and all had atended the class on the first monday night of the month, I run these class at Hunts Marine for three hours along with the day trip out on Botany Bay.
Trevally Alley was a good starting point as the wind was blowing from the south west, I think all had forgot to reset clocks as we were the only boat there, Slow start but once the Burley kick in the Trevally fired up and all caught there share
Head towards the third runway as the wind picked up looking for surface action, Trolled up two Tailor dropping one at the boat around 200 metres of the runway toward the middle of the Bay.
Next came some deep water jigging with plastic around the drums but no good.
Head back to the runway for Bream as I score two nice fish here last week, Once ancored a Salmon smashed a Nipper that was intended for Bream and on light tackle it provided Dean with a top fight leaving the water several times, Quick photo and the Salmon was set free.
Spinning for Flathead in the shallows just of Towra for the last hour we manage one nice fish top day had by all.

Fish Hard Scotty Lyons.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Friday the 20th just before the great weather we had for all fishos on the weekend once again.
Salmon schools were moving all around the Bay I found them first at the top of Yarra Bay and follow them all the way to the third runway, The schools didn`t stay up on the surface so spinning for them was tricky. Trolling prove the winner and we score quite a few top fun on light tackle.
Saturday was out of the question as the strong southerly riped across the Bay.
Sunday was looking better and we managed to hit the water the morning was still blowing around 20knots and it was slowly dropping WELL THAT WAS THE FORE CAST I SAY NO MORE. It sayed windy all bloody day but we caught plenty, Trevally on the top of the tide around the drums burley was needed and Pilchards, Nippers as bait.
Scored two nice Bream just of the Third Runway on the runout tide fishing in 6metres, Bream caught on Nippers on the Bottom.
Trolling just wide later in the day around 2pm we caught quite a few Tailor, No signs of fish feeding just a few birds working the area, Deep diving lure worked well.
Fish Hard Scotty Lyons

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Surface action in the Bay

Well the Salmon and Tailor are now smashing bait schools in Yarra bay. Saturdays outting saw a group from the fishing school enjoying the day catching Salmon on trolled lures.
Trevally around the drums on the run in tide burley was needed to bring them on the bite, I have found that Nippers and small Pilchard cubes the bait to use.
I try for Kings but no luck there is the odd King being caught.
Fish Hard Scotty Lyons