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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


*Tuesday the 5th Botany Bay trip 4 spots open.
*Thursday the 7th Deep sea trip two spots open.
Call Scotty Lyons to book in 0418 169 439

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Jew Fish from Trevally Alley on a Pilli Cube

Good size Trevally are about

Stud Whiting caught while targeting Bream wide from the 3rd run way

Morwong caught in 6ometres wide from Coogee

Bream are worth targeting from now on right across the Bay
Hope all had a top Christmas
Hows the the bloody weather, great for summer but the fishing has been great over the Christmas break so far, Trevally are about in small numbers but most are a good size and Trevally Alley is my pick, we also did well on Bream there today right on the end of the run out tide and just as the tide turned one of the lads scored a nice Jew Fish that sucked in a Pilchard cube, I had a live Slimy Mackerel over the side and fresh Squid strip but it took the Pillie cube, thats fishing.
Bream are also good wide from the 3rd run way on Nippers and Prawns on the run out tide.
Schools of Salmon are moving about the middle of the Bay but are tricky to hook.
Off shore the fishing in close has been a little slow but wide from Coogee in 60 metres we have found Flathead and quite a few good Morwong on the drift.

*Singles day on the 4th and I have four spots open
for Botany Bay Trip.
*Singles Day on the 5th and I have three spots open
for a Botany Bay Trip.

*Singles day Deep sea 8th of Jan spots open.

*Single day Deep sea 10th spots open.

Regards Scotty Lyons

Bookings call 0418 169 439

Monday, December 21, 2009


Top day fishing wide from Coogee

Put the hard work in catching good bait
and the results will come

The few days have been great fishing around the Bay the schools of Tailor and Salmon are about just about all day, The Salmon are tricky to hook and I have found better results allowing your lure to sink then rip it back, Trevally Tailor and the odd Flathead are falling to this.
Good Kingies are about put the hard work in catching good bait and you will be rewarded.
Bream are now feeding well across the Bay moving around will bring good results.
Spinning with Squidgies for Flathead the middle of the Bay under the surface fish should produce well.
Off Shore the close reefs are a little slow just the odd Trevally and Snapper and a few Sweep but wide the fishing is rather good in 45to 6o metres the Flathead are worth a shot and then out on the broken reef wide from Coogee good Morwong are feeding and the odd Snapper Pig Fish and Nannies.

Christmas gift vouchers available at Tackle World Taren Point.

*December the 31st is still open.

*I have days open right through January just give me a call.

*Tuesday the 5th Singles day Botany Bay trip.

*Wednesday the 6th Singles day Deep sea.

*Singles Day Sunday the 31st Botany Bay Trip.

The First Fishing School is on the 1st of Feb
and the 6th on the water.

Merry Christmas to all and have a safe and great new year.
Regards Scotty Lyons
0418 169 439

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Quick photo and back to the water with her, 70cms
caught just of Towra
Dyson with a Salmon caught spinning with a little help from dad.

Super size Trevally from the Third Runway

Bream are now turning it on, the bigger fish went 41cm

Mixed bag of Tailor, Salmon, Trevally and Flathead.

Botany Bay Report
The last few weeks in the Bay the Tailor, Salmon and Trevally have turned it on with loads of action each day on first light but are still feeding at 1pm most days you just need to find the small Terns working the bait as its driven to the top by the feeding fish, small metals and Flick bait are working well producing quality fish on each trip.
Bream are also on the job this week with quite a few solid fish caught at the Sticks on Nipper and wide from the Third Runway is also producing well.
Spinning with plastics is worth a shot under the feeding Tailor and Salmon as we have caught quite a few Flathead on our metals this week, Wide from Towra is also worth a shot.
Kingies have been a little on the quite side this week dew to the run out tides as the Port Botany expansion is making one hell of a mess in the Bay, your best chances are around the entrances or under the feeding school of Tailor and Salmon as I have hook and spotted loads in this area.
*Saturday the 19th two spots open.

*Singles day on the 27th be quick for this one.

*I still have days open over the break give me a
call if you are keen to head out fishing.

*Christmas gift vouchers now available at Fergos Tackle World
or give me a call and I will post out for you.

Regards Scotty Lyons
0418 169 439

Sunday, December 06, 2009


Wild times trolling off shore on Friday in 35knots from the south, the Salmon at the front had 21 Slimies in its gut not a bad effort and sucked down a lure.

Small Jew taken late Sunday afternoon on Trevally Alley

Early morning spinning with metals

Trevally from the Drums

70cm Kingie from the Third Runway

Sand Flathead Deep sea trip

Deep water Gold fish.
Fishing report
Deep sea and Botany Bay both fished well all week long and loads of quality fish.
Deep sea in close trolling Kingies Salmon and Bonito, out wide big Nannies, Morwong, Snapper and Pig fish.
in close Trevally and Sweep.
Botany Bay early morning spinning for Tailor right in the middle of the Bay, Bream Kingies on the third Runway, Smaller Kingies on Cape Banks, Trevally around the Drums on the run in tide


*Saturday the 12th spots open for the afternoon.

*Sunday the 13th spots open for the afternoon.

*Saturday the 19th Botany Bay trip I have four open
spots open for the morning trip.

*Sunday the 27th is open.

From Fergos Tackle World Taren Point.

Regards Scotty Lyons
0418 169 439

Friday, December 04, 2009


0418 169 439
Botany Bay Trip 8am start to 3pm.
Regards Scotty Lyons