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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Great weather tough fishing

The 40cm Bream taken on stinky Prawns at the Drums not, bad for your second fish that you have ever caught.

Carl and a ripper taken on a soft plastic wide from the old Runway.
Nice Morwong taken in 65metres

Elizabeth and Arnold with two Kingies trolling off
shore on Saturday a first for them.


Friday and what a tough day on the water someone turned the tap off we fished all over the Bay for a small catch of Trevally from the Sticks and one Bonito off Cape Banks trolling.
Saturday we headed off shore and I was keen as the Bay had shut down we started the day trolling the coast and no hook ups until we hit Yellow rock small Kings and Bonito great start to the day, in close the reefs were quite so we pushed wide and again worked or a few Morwong and Pig Fish after three drifts and we ended the day with a few good Flathead in the mouth of the Bay in 52metres.
Sunday out on the Bay what a turn around but we worked for the fish, Bream one just on 40cms, Trevally, four Flathead on plastics, two bonito on the troll great mixed catch for the day.
*Wednesday the 8th singles day in the Bay spots open.
*Saturday the 11th singles afternoon trip spots open Bay trip.
*Wednesday the 15th South coast day spots open.
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Regards Scotty Lyons

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Off shore trip Saturday Bonito and Flathead.

Zelko and the boy and the King that smashed a live bait at the Drums.

Well at last we get two nice days on the water, light winds and no rain.
Off shore the Bonito are in good numbers along the coast and trolling is working well with small lures early morning.
The wide reefs off Coogee were quite so we headed to the Flathead grounds and did well bagging a great feed.
Botany Bay fished well early on Sunday morning but shut down on the runout tide, Zelko caught a nice King Fish at the drums, the odd Trevally but tricky this week, last spot we fished was wide from Towra point and caught a few small Tarwine to end the day.


*Next Saturday I have two spots now open for a deep sea trip dew to a cancellation.

*Fishing School is on the 6th of December and the 11th on water two spots left.

*December the 4th two spots open for a Bay trip.


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Regards Scotty Lyons

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sydney fishing report

Two solid Trevally caught at the Drums.

Large bait school off shore today, Mutton birds, seals and Dolphins all worked the tight bait school.

A ripper of a Bonito caught trolling the north headland.

Deep sea weekend and we headed off shore to the north trolling Bonito up and the odd small King Fish, it was a little rough both days and sea sickness took its toll on the boys.
North end of Maroubra beach we did well on Trevally but seas made it tricky.
Flathead are about wide from Yellow rock in 50 metres drifting for best results.
Back in the Bay on Sunday we fished the drums and scored Trevally, Tailor to finish the day.


*Singles day Deep sea one spot left on the 27th.

*My last fishing school for the year is on the 6th and I have two spots open,
spend three hours at Hunts marine on the 6th 6pm to 9pm and then we head out onto the water on the 11th, you will catch more fish after this school.

*Afternoon trips now on 1pm to 7pm every weekend.

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Regards Scotty Lyons

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Big few days on the Bay


Wet, cold, windy, sunny we have had it all this weekend but the fishing turn it on again and its been this way for quite some time, Trevally, Bonito and Bream are about in rather good numbers, Trevally making up the bulk on each trip, the drums, Oil wharf both fished well.
Trolling produced a few Bonito in the Bay and around the entrance, Bream were mixed in with the Trevally in smaller numbers

*Friday the 19th four spots open for a south coast Snapper trip.

*Fishing School the last for the year December
the 6th and 11th on water spots open.
*Singles day Deep sea is on the 27th four spots left.


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Regards Scotty Lyons