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Monday, February 26, 2007

Botany Bay at its best

Kings around middle of the week and bad weather hits Sunday but the single day out was rather good all braved the weather to score quite a few good fish, Bream from the middle of the bay, Trevally from Sutherland Point, Salmon feeding just of Silver Beach which was great as the southerly was blowing at around 20Knots, Toby did well on light tackle to land one and we found a few Flathead spinning the deepwater just of Towra this was a top catch de wto the bad weather that we had.
Would you like to join the next singles day on the water be quick as there is only a few spots left for March the 25th just give me a call 0418 169 439.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Big Kings of the Bay

Last weekend the fishing was mixed, The Bream are still in good numbers in the middle along with the odd solid whitting. Friget Mackerel are ripping up the surface all over the bay but a little tough to hook.
Kings are throughout the Bay you just need to fine them, I found a few fish and quite a few of them were just under size,6oo is legal. The boys from the boat Browns and Back score well with there kids on Saturday with two solid fish around 80cms.
Sunday the Fishing school hit the water as part of the class and we caught a mixed bag and one King right at the end of the day
Monday saw Botany Bay boat less again after a busy weekend and my crew were after Kings so we head to the entrance of the Bay and drifted with live Yellow tail for about 30min before our first and only bite, This fish headed deep and Andrew applied the pressure and after 20mins on 12kg he boated a solid King that was 1080mm one of the biggest Kings I boated, Lost plenty. top effort Andrew. Later we found a few Kings that wouldn`t take a bait,Landed one a plastic.
Nexts singles day 25th of March and there is only two spots left

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Bream & kings

Fishing today was rather good with quite a few good Bream in the middle of the Bay all caught on Nippers between 6.30am and 8am on the run in tide.
Tailor belting bait fish in the same area but most of them are under size with the odd better fish mixed in we kept around six about 35cms.
Of to the bait grounds in Yarra Bay, Frigets are blowing up all over Yarra but very hard to catch, Landed two yesterday.
David caught his first King today just under size at 59cm a quick photo and then we let it go he also landed a few nice Bream as well.
Fish Hard Scotty Lyons

Thursday, February 15, 2007

After the big wet

After the rain both the Port Hacking and Botany Bay are a little dirty, But the fishing is still rather good, Yesterday I fished the Bay in the morning with a few boys from St George and this will feature later this year in Fishing World worth a look, The boy caught a King Fish each, Both fish around 58cms from Trevally Alley, Trolled two Bonito from around the entrance along Kurnell side of the head land and we then head back into the Bay to fish for bream as they only had an hour left and we manage three Bream an a solid Whiting.
Later that Day I met Gary Brown and head into the Port Hacking To add footage to our up and comming DVD, There was a few fish moving around we scored Tailor, Bontio and I was luckie enought to bag a Watsons Leaping Bonito, All the fish and moving around so you will need to be quick as there only up for one or two casts.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Surface action

The Bay is now full of bait and there is heaps of surface action right through the Bay, I found Tailor and the odd King around the Bream grounds just of the old runway and futher up the Bay in Yarra there are Bontio and Frigets working this is great to see lets hope the rain hasn`t pushed them back to sea.
Around Cape Banks Salmon and Bontio are a good chance trolling
Bream over the weekend good with around 8 to 10 caught both days in our first two hours of fishing.
Trevally are a little slow scored a few at Trevally Alley just on the turn of tide both days.
Kings are moving around with the bait schools, I have caught more this week spinning with small metal lures while catching Tailor.
Flathead on and off landed one and droped one right at the boat on Saturday, Sunday no good.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Monday saw a great day on the water and Doug Walters join us for the day, Bream are still very productive in the middle of the Bay also Tailor and the odd Salmon are feeding on the surface and there are a few Trevally mixing in as well small metal slices are all you need.
Found a few Kingies hanging just off one of the markers and we scored one solid fish which took a live Yellow tail. All in all a top day.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Friday was a mixed bag day landing seven different species, King Fish,Bonito, Tailor, Bream, Flathead, Trevally,Salmon.
Most day if you can find two or three species you are doing well.
Kings caught on live baits just of Cape Banks, Trolling along this Head land scored the Bonito, Tailor caught spinning the middle of the Bay, Trevally caught on the end of Trevally Alley along with the Salmon and one King, Bream are still good just out from the Old runway and a nice Flathead as well on a soft plastic in the same area.
Saturday I had the mid Morning Ladies group and they had a ball, kicking the day of at 9am we head to the Bream ground and scored well landing quite a few, Tailor a no show in the middle of the Bay, Tried trolling along the Third runway again with no results.
Back to the Bream grounds and we topped our catch up with a few more to end the day.

Fish Hard Scotty Lyons