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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fishing report

The boys and there Shark on Sunday just off the Third Runway.

Bill had a top day spinning up four Flathead, this one the
best and his first on plastics.

One of the Trevally caught today at Trevally Alley.

Botany Bay report
Well a tough weekend on the Bay, Trevally seem to be only at the Alley as it fished well both days and I tried many other spots but no good.
I trolled all over the Bay and along the Kurnell headlands with no results.
Spinning with soft plastics on Saturday proved a winner with a few nice fish and Bill showed all how its done catching four fish to effort mate.
Sunday the Boy caught a top feed of Trevally and lots of smaller ones that seem in large numbers this week at Trevally Alley.
The last fish on Sunday was a big old Port Jackson shark we caught just off the Third runway and the boy took a few quick photos and we put him back.


*This Wednesday I now have two spots open for the Snapper trip down south, we are heading out of the Port Hacking for the day and the weather is looking great so if this suit let me know.


Mobile: 0418 169 439

Office: 9526 7431


Regards Scotty Lyons

Friday, August 27, 2010

30th and 4th
Monday night at Hunts Marine 6pm to 9pm and out on the water on the 4th.
I have one spot left in this class.
to book in give me a call 0418 169 439
Regards Scotty Lyons

Monday, August 23, 2010

fishing report Sydney

Craig and his biggest Flathead to date taken
on a Squidgies Red Rump Shad.
JJ out fished all on the Boat on Saturday
catching Trevally at the Alley.

Jasons fishes monthly with me out on the Bay
and again takes a nice Lizard on Plastics.

Botany Bay Report
Saturday and Sunday were on the Bay as the last few weeks have been off shore, Saturday we started at Trevally and did rather well early but the fish just went off the bite as the wind came up and it ripped up the Bay from the south west at 30knots, Brighton beach was the only spot to fish that gave us some protection and we worked hard for two nice Flathead on plastics, one a top fish Craig hooked of 72cm that was photo and put back.
Sunday the wind had dropped and it looked a much better day to be on the water, started at Trevally Alley for a good catch and again the fish went of the bite around the same time as Saturday, We then headed over to Kurnell and trolled around the head land and back for zip, anchored at the Drums, the Third Runway and both spots very quite so we headed back to Trevally Alley and caught a few more to finish the day.


*Snapper trip this Wednesday heading south to the Humps of Stanwell, I have three spots open and the weather is looking great.

*Next Saturday three spots open for a Bay trip.

*The Fishing School is on the 30th and I have two spots left.
This is a night at Hunts Marine 6pm to 9pm + day out on the Bay.

Office: 9526 7431 Mobile: 0418 169 439
Regards Scotty Lyons

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sydney fishing report

The Blue Morwong caught on the wide reefs out from Coogee.

The Kyogle boys and there catch on Saturday

Friday the ocean looked like a washing machine and with a deep sea trip planed for Saturday it wasn`t looking great, but the sea breeze report was spot on and the swell dropped over night.
We started the day in the Bay until the sun was up and then we headed out straight to the wide reefs off Coogee and did well with Morwong and a lone Snapper, The Kyogle boy were down to the big smoke for the weekend to watch the footy and head out fishing and all was looking good with quite a few nice fish in the box, then the wind then came up rather strong from the North west making it sloppy and around 11.30am we headed back to the Bay as all were keen as the wind made fishing off shore rather tough, I headed straight to Trevally Alley to be out of the wind and anchored and we finished the day with eight Trevally and two Tailor for a great day.
Sunday was planned to head south from the Port and the weather was spot on, I head straight to the Humps looking for Snapper, after three drift and not a fish we headed back in close as the wind from the west again make fishing wide tough we anchored and caught a few small snapper and Flathead and finished the day drifting for a bag of Flathead.


*Snapper day this Thursday south coast run from Port Hacking and the
weather is looking great with flat sea forecast I have five spots open.

*Singles day this Saturday three spots open.

*Wednesday the 25th singles day in the Bay.

*Spots still open for the Fishing School on the 30th at
Hunts Marine and 4th on water.

Office:9526 7431 Mobile:0418 169 439

Regards Scotty Lyons

Monday, August 09, 2010

Fishing report Sydney

Birthday Boy Craig with one of the Snappers he caught Yesterday.
Morwong caught in 65metres wide from Coogee yesterday
flat seas and light winds, a great day off shore.

Saturday on the Bay was a tough day, anchored at Trevally Alley as the cool west wind was ripping across the Bay, the first fish landed was a Barracouta and this normally means cold water has hit the coast but we push on but never lost a bait, we fished all over the Bay from the Trevally Alley to Watts Reef the Drums, the Sticks The Third Runway, Brighton Beach covering all methods from trolling to Soft plastic and bait, we caught a hand full of small Snapper and one small Trevally, the Bay was shut down its the toughest day I have on the water in a long time, we finished the day with a small Flathead caught on a soft plastic at Kurnell.
Sunday was a Deep sea day which suited me just fine, trolling early only produced one Bonito and on the anchor in close was slow this could be due to a drop in temp, we caught to small Snapper that we kept and quite a few smaller ones just off the Wedding Cake Island.
We pushed wide into 65metres and fished the reefs and did rather well with Morwong, Pig Fish and another small Snapper before heading to the Flathead grounds in 50metres straight out from the Bay and ended the day with six Flathead.
*Snapper day south coast this Thursday spots open.

*Wednesday the 18th Botany Bay trip spots open.

*Singles day Saturday the 21st spots open.

*The Fishing School is on the 30th at Hunts and 4th on water
and I still have spots open for this one.

Office: 95267431 Mobile: 0418 169 439

Regards Scotty Lyons

Thursday, August 05, 2010


Saturday the 7th 3 spots open for the Bay trip.
Sunday the 8th 3 spots open for a Deep sea trip.
Give me a call today and jump on as the weather is looking rather good 0418 169 439.
Regards Scotty Lyons

Sunday, August 01, 2010


Saturday and the Trevally turn it on.
Craigs mate head to the Park hyatt with his wife this weekend,
but Craig and Leane had better plan let go fishing.

The Flathead save our day off shore on Sunday.

Well the weather played the game this weekend with two different days out, Saturday we fished the Bay and Trevally Alley produced a few fish early to kick start our day we worked the middle part of the day looking for Flathead on plastics and Trolling for Tailor and Salmon but a little tough this weekend.
Head to brighton beach and again we did well to end the day with Trevally, Salmon on Pilli cubes before spinning for Flathead back in the river just out from the sailing club landing two keeping one.
Sunday we headed off shore again but this week proved a lot tougher than last, Trolling early only produce one fish and when we anchored in close all very quite one small Snapper and a Trevally and a few Sweep, we then pushed wide to fish the deeper water, last week was great but this week very tough only a few small Pig Fish, so we push towards the Flathead ground just out from the Bay and save the day with ten Flathead, what a tough day.
*Friday the 6th spots open.
*Saturday now open full group or singles for a bay trip.
*Sunday the 8th Deep sea trip five spots open.
Office: 9526 7431 Mobile: 0418 169 439
Regards Scotty Lyons