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Saturday, November 28, 2009


Dave and the best Kingies of the day, thanks for the Squid Dave.
Michael with a 67cm Kingies and Ivan with a 62cm that was sent back.
The boys all caught all enjoyed.

After a few days in the bay the fishing has been a little tough, shore we are catching good fish but working for each one, Trevally schools have thin out and I think they are feeding under the Tailor that are moving around the Bay as we have caught a few while spinning.
Bream over the last two days have also proved a little tough, moving around to find them and the odd Flathead mixed in, The Kingies turn it on around the mouth on Saturday with quite a few caught.
As the bait ground are out of bounds dew to all the work in the Bay at the moment live bait is a little tricky, Dave landed one nice Squid on Saturday and we turn that into seven Kingies two legal fish and the rest about 55cmto 62cm but a blast any way.


*I have one spot open for next Saturday the 5th in the Bay.

*I have two spots left for the Fishing School on the 7th 6pm to 9pm
and the 12th or 13th on the water.

*Saturday the 19th is open.

*Sunday the 20th Deep sea singles day four spots open.

*Christmas gift vouchers now available.
*Afternoon trips now on 1pm to 7pm weekends or weekdays.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009


Two top Snapper taken wide from Coggee on Saturday

The boys from HPM and L&H Electrics supplies with the results of
spinning early morning in the middle of the Bay.

Team DUX Hot water did well on Friday
with Salmon and Trevally.

Spinning with metal lures prove the best method
this weekend on Tailor early most days.
Blood Worm Squidgie rigger is still a top colour in my book
when it comes to spinning for Flathead.

Fishing Report Botany Bay and Deep sea
Well another top week of fishing both in the Bay and off shore, I think the photos tell the story this week and its only getting better.
Tailor proved the best this weekend spinning early morning in the middle of the Bay, Trevally and Bream and Flathead are about and with a little effort you should fine a few.
Deep sea and trolling early was rather good picking up Salmon around the entrance, the close reefs I found Trevally and Sweep and out wide from Coggee fishing in 65metres we found a few good Snapper and Flathead on the bottom.
*Next Saturday I have four spots open for a Bay trip.
*Next Sunday I have two spots open for a Deep sea trip.
*Spots still open for the last Fishing School of the year on the 7th
and out on the water on the 12th & 13th.
*Christmas gift vouchers now available for all fishing outtings.
Booking and info please give me a call 0418 169 439.
Regards Scotty Lyons


After a few top days out on the water both in the Bay and Deep sea, The Bay has proved a little tricky as there is a little cool water hanging around but a good blow from the south will fix that, The last few days I have found schools of Tailor working the middle of the Bay early and spinning with small metals is working well.
Trevally are a little off this week and we only found a few fish around there normal haunts.
The drums seems the pick as Trevally alley this weekend proved slow going for most that fished it only the odd small Kingie hanging around.
The Bream are now starting to fish well and both trips over the weekend I found a few wide from the Third Runway on small cubes of of Tuna and Nippers on the run in tide.
Spinning with Squidgies on Sunday we pick up a few fish one from the Drums in 12metres and another from the Sailing club at Sans Souci.
Deep sea on Saturday was rather productive with a mixed bag of Fish, First we trolled the coast in tight for one Salmon and lost a second at the boat.
Anchored of Yellow rock for a bag of Trevally and Sweep before heading wide of Coggee for two out standing Snapper what a day.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Pig fish a top little table fish

A nice Flounder from wide of Towra

Headed off shore on Saturday for the day and trolled north along the coast as we did last week but all very quite only pick up a small Kingie.
Anchored just of Yellow Rock at the end of Long Bay and found a few Trevally, Sweep and the odd small Kingie we then pushed out to the Trag Grounds and anchored in 40metres and did well on Trevally, Pig fish off the bottom and a few Sweep the conditions were spot on as the current had drop off, Heading futher out to the drift grounds we pick up a mixed bag of Flathead, Pig fish but found it a little slow but the day turned out rather good mix a mixed catch at the end of the day.
Sunday in the bay and I found the morning tough working hard for a feed, we caught 6 Trevally, 1 Bream, two good Flounder one at the end of the Runway and one off Towra , one Whiting just of Kurnell and a few small Tarwine to end the day so we moved all over the Bay to put a feed together.
Nathan headed back out for the afternoon trip and did well bagging quite a few solid Trevally all around 1kg to 1.5kg this is a solid run off Trevally for the Bay, then had a shot at Kingies only to be busted three times after a few screaming runs, he said the boys did well but these were good fish and clean them up quick.
So the afternoon proved better than the morning thats fishing.


*Wednesday Singles day on the 25th spots open.

*Saturday the 28th Botany Bay Singles day.

*Sunday the 29th Deep sea singles day two spots open.

*The last Fishing School for this year is on the 7th at Hunts Marine
and I have four spot left so be quick
day on the water is on the Sunday the 13th.
Fishing School or Singles days
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Sunday, November 08, 2009


90cm Kingie taken on the troll on small McGoo lure

A Stripe Tuna falls for the McGoo skirt

Deep sea report
Off shore this week which is a little drifterent as for the last few weeks Ive been fishing the Bay.
Saturday Morning we headed north from the Bay trolling and it was rather productive with Bonito and small Kings loads of fun, The wind was blowing in from the east which make it a little tricky as the swell and wind slap you around a bit, Just wide from the rocky ledges trolling, the middle lure a small Mcgooe skirt was belted, shit I have caught some good fish on these Little lures of the years, this fish was pulling line, way bigger than the first few Kings we boated, the angler did well boating a solid Kingie of 90cms his first.
Anchored just off Yellow Rock and found a few Trevally but it was tough fishing in the sloppy condition so we move to Wedding Cake Island just off Coggee beach and pick up a few more Trevally before trolling our way back to the bay, three more fish came to the boat on our return trip a Stripe Tuna and two more Kingies what a top day and great fishing.


*Wednesday the 18th is open and I have spots open
for a Deep sea Singles day.
*Sunday the 22nd is open.

*I have spots open for our last Fishing school of the year 7th December.

*Singles Day Saturday 28th Botany Bay day.

*Singles Day Sunday 29th Deep sea day two spots open.
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Sunday, November 01, 2009


Carl and his last cast of the day, what a ripper
taken one of Bushy little Devil Vibes

The boys and there Trevally from Trevally Alley

After last weeks outstanding fishing this weekend prove a little tough, Trevally started well on Trevally Alley but slowed up on the top of the tide at 8am and then we trolled all of Yarra bay and out towards the heads looking for Salmon or Bonito but no good, The third Runway way the same slow which is strange as we had a good run out tide.
A strong north easter was blowing across the bay on Sunday so we headed to Woolooware bay to spin for Flathead and the results came but we drop both fish right at the boat and that was that, Carl had one last cast as I was cutting off the other lures, shit grab the net as a 70cm Flathead came boat side, what a top fish and on the last cast of the day thats fishing, so we end up with a feed of Trevally and one solid Flathead and a good day on the water.


*Spots open for the fishing school tomorrow night, you will need to
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*Wednesday Singles day Botany Bay trip spots open.

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