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Sunday, February 27, 2011


A nice King caught and released today from the Sticks

Another great week of fishing out on the Bay, Trevally and Bream around the sticks, Tailor and Bonito trolling and spinning Port Botany, the Drums have produced well with Bream Trevally and a few King Fish on live baits.
*March Fishing School three spots open on the 7th at Hunts Marine
and 26th on water.
*Singles day on the 10th of March two spots open.
*Wednesday the 16th of March singles day in the Bay.
*Singles Day Deep sea trip on the 19th four spots open.
*Office: 9526 7431 *Mobile: 0418 169 439
Regards Scotty Lyons

Monday, February 21, 2011

Sydney Fishing Report

Nick with a Bonito early morning trolling in the Bay

Trevally from the Drums

Sargent Baker off shore that smashed a live bait

Nathans trip Sunday afternoon top mixed bag from the Bay

Well what a weekend the weather was kind and the fishing rather good, Saturday morning we headed off shore and did well trolling catching six Bonito and dropping a few, they have thin out a little.
The rest of the fishing off shore prove a little tough, we found Flathead in large numbers out from Bondi in 40 metre but to many small fish and only the odd keeper.
Raced back to a Kingie spot to end the day and got smoked big time as a good fish that found the reef.
Nathan fished the afternoon in the Bay and did well with a legal King and a few smaller one and a mixed bag of fish, yes he kicked my but.
Sunday time to seek revenge as I had the morning trip in the Bay, Trolling only found one Bonito but the Bream at the Sticks turned it on bagging six nice fish, few trevally around the Drums but no Kings so not to bad.
Nathan headed out for the afternoon trip in the Bay and yes kicked me hard as the fish turned it on with the big run out tide, Trevally, Bream, Tailor, Salmon and all enjoyed a top outing.


*Singles day on the 10th three spots open for the Bay.

*Fishing School on the 7th at Hunts and 26th on water three spots left.

*Singles trip with Nathan in the Bay on the 12th three spots open.

*Singles Deep sea trip the 19th of March with Nathan 1pm to 7pm.


Office: 9526 7431 Mobile: 0418 169 439

Regards Scotty Lyons

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekly Fishing Report

Two better Bream from the Hacking.

A nice Bream from the Bay on Sunday.

Fishing Report

This week the weather turned and made it tricky fishing, Saturday was a blow out but Sunday we headed out with the guys from the first Fishing School this year and did well trolling early with Bonito around Bare Island, headed to Port Botany and found Tailor schools working the surface mostly small fish 28cms to 35cm loads of fun spinning and quite a few Bonito also.
Bream turned it on again at the sticks on the last of the run out tide before the wind shut the day down and we called it a day.
Early in the week fished the Port Hacking for the afernoon with the Kids and did well with a few nice fish up on the Flats all caught on Nipper.


*Singles Day Wednesday the 23rd of February Deep sea trip
as long as the weather suits or we will fish the Bay.

*Singles day Wednesday the 2nd of March Bay Trip.

*Afternoon Singles trips on Saturday the 5th and 6th of March Bay trips.

*Fishing School five spots open on the 7th 6pm at Hunts Marine
and 20th on water.

*Singles day the 12th of March afternoon trip four spots open.


*0ffice: 95267431 *Mobile: 0418 169 439

Regards Scotty Lyons

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Sydney fishing report

Fishing report
The last few days out on the Bay have been sticky with the heat, Bream are still in good numbers aroiund the Sticks, Bonito good trolling just off Bare Island and towards Cape Banks
Kings are around many markers but still tricky to land a legal fish but great fun.
Sunday we slipped off shore and headed wide with all reports or Mackerel, Yellow Fin, Wahoo and the other tropical vistors but no good after two hours trolling so I stopped on the Reefs wide from Coggee and caught Morwong, Pig Fish and finished the day trolling back to the Bay and we caught a few Bonito just before the big blow.


*Fours spots on the 16th Feb Bay trip.
*Fishing School on the 7th of March 6pm to 9pm and out on the water on the 20th I have six spots open.

*Singles Day Thursday the 10th March Deep sea trip.
*Singles day the 13th of March four spots open for the Bay.

*March the 19th Dolphin fish trip spots open.

Office: 9526 7431 Mobile: 0418 169 439
Regards Scotty Lyons