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Monday, October 26, 2009

Trevally Alley turns it on

Salmon school feeding across Yarra Bay on Sunday
Squidgies Flick baits proved deadly on the Salmon

The boys and a top catch Sunday afternoon

Well what a few top days out on the Bay, I don`t think the fishing could be any better and the weather turned it on as well, Salmon school as far as the eye could see from Yarra Bay to Kurnell point and out to sea, Thursday and Friday the Salmon seemed very fussy and we only boated a few and the odd Tailor, but Saturday morning along with most of the boats in the Bay the Salmon turn it on smashing lures off the surface, at times I had four and five hook ups at once on light tackle this is hard to beat, each day we only kept a few releasing the rest, what a blast.
Trevally Alley also turn it on with solid catches each day Bream and Trevally and this was a top start to each day as we waited for the Salmon to start feeding in Yarra Bay.
The third runway was a little slow this week only producing a few Bream and quite a few Trevally, Spinning with Squidgies produce the odd Flathead but still slow we pick up a solid Flounder that sucked in a Bloodworm wriggler just of Towra point in 3metres.
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Monday, October 19, 2009


Botany Bay Report
The last few days we have seen the weather swing from the south west right around to the East making the fishing on a few days quite tough as the wind got up to around 30knots, this weather has normally finished in mid September so its a little strange.
The fishing for this time of the year has been great with Trevally in good numbers and large, the best of the weekend was 2kg off the Third Runway, Trevally Alley is also producing well.
The Bream have started with quite a few solid fish in the Bay, but they are still in smaller groups as I only found them two days out of four in numbers and the lower end of the Bay seem the go.
Spinning for Flathead is producing the odd fish but you will need to drift and work hard for good results.
Along the coast good reports of Kingies, Salmon and Bonito schools are moving and will push into our Bays and Estuaries so its all looking great as we head into the prime time of the year.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009


Top day today on the water and just a few of the fish caught

The boys with a top catch just before school hols

Well after a week off with the kids I have come back to some great fishing and let hope it stays with us and carries us into the summer season, I fished today and found good numbers of Trevally, Bream and a school of Salmon feeding on the top, Spinning for Flathead proved rather good as well with three nice fish boated in the last hour, let hope the wind is now gone and this weekend is shaping up to be a ripper.
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