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Monday, February 23, 2015

What a top week of fishing all has come good after some tough fishing two weeks ago.
Botany bay is alive with surface action Tailor, Bonito, Salmon and Mac Tuna & Frigets are all a chance as the Bay is wriggling with bait.
Kings are in small numbers but some good fish are about if you put the effort in and find good bait.
Bream and Trevally are also in good numbers in many spot in the Bay.
Off shore trolling the coast will produce Bonito and wide reefs have started to produce well with Morwong and Trevally and the odd Snapper.

Some good Morwong on the wide reefs.

 Nice 80cm King Fish from the Bay last Thursday, boys look happy with this one.
Bonito are thick along the coast and are now pushing into the Bay.
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Regards Scotty Lyons

Sunday, February 15, 2015

A great weekend of weather, Saturday had us off shore and we found the fishing a little tricky, trolled up a few Bonito along coast early, out wide the current was heading south way to fast to fish the bottom so that was against us we did land one nice Sanpper and I think if we could of held bottom we would have done well.
Sunday in the Bay proved a top day with one solid Kingie and a good Bag of Bream, one Flathead on a Squidgie Flick bait and a nice Treavally from the alley, Squid are about in good numbers across the reefs.

 Last Wednesday on the Bay was a ripper.

 Sunday off shore produced a few small Dolphin fish.

Solid Kingie on Sunday from the Third Runway on fresh Squid.

Bream are now a top chance in Botany Bay.


Wednesday the 18th of Feb Bay trip one spot open.

Saturday the 21st of Feb I have two spot now open to fish Deep sea trip.

Sunday the the 22nd of Feb Deep sea trip two spots open.

Wednesday the 25th Botany Bay trip five spots open.

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Friday, February 13, 2015

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Sunday, February 08, 2015

What a great weekend of weather and the fishing well a little better than last week, Saturday had us off shore and we found the Kings have all moved on after running live Squid along the coast for zip.
Bonito have tuned up so trolling a must to bring results.
Squid are in good numbers in the Bay.
Deep reefs are slow a few Snapper and Morwong but we dropped the two best fish right at the boat for the day, I guess thats fishing.
Botany Bay fished well on Sunday but the water was quite dirty and I have no idea why, Bream fired across the flats wide from Towra on Prawn baits along with a few good Trevally.

Gary Brown has put together a good read about The Hook and The Cook on Weekend notes just click on the link below, great read.

Alberto with two top Squid from the Bay.
3.5 years old and a super keen fisho Zeke caught and landed 
his first fish today, great stuff little guy.
Zeke with our catch for the day from the Bay on Sunday + a few good Squid.


*Wednesday I have four spots open to fish the Bay.

*Deep sea trip Saturday the 21st one spot open.

*Sunday the 22nd I have three spots open for Deep sea trip.

*Wednesday the 25th Bay trip five spots open.

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 Regards Scotty Lyons

Friday, February 06, 2015

How to Butterfly whole Tailor

Monday, February 02, 2015


Well a super tough weekend on Botany Bay all, it didn`t matter what we tried all fish seem to have locked jaws, early morning the schools of Tailor gone, Bream on the run out tide just a few for the weekend, spinning soft plastic hard going only a few small Flathead, no kings dew to dirty water in the Bay I think, Trevally a total of one for the weekend, Squid worth a try we did well on Sunday.
So as you can see tough fishing, The good news I have is when the big seas starts to drop off and the water clears up in the Bay all will fire again.
Off shore Marlin and small Stripe Tuna and some great Dolphin fish are about if trolling out wide.

 A good Sand Shark caught while targeting Bream off the Third runway.
33cm Snapper caught at Trevally Alley on Sunday.


Wednesday the 4th I have three spots open, Bat trip.

Wednesday the 11th three spots open, Bay trip. 

Wednesday the 18th Botany Bay trip four spots open.

Deep sea trip Saturday the 21st two spots open.

Deep sea trip Sunday the 22nd three spots open.

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Regards Scotty Lyons