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Sunday, June 26, 2016


A little cool for all anglers this weekend, Last Wednesday we had a golden day on the Bay with great fishing, Trevall fired at a number of spots, Bream mixed in and we even nailed a King Fish that took a Trevally cube.
Saturday turn out a nice day but the swell and wind bugger my plans to head off shore so I headed to the shot expo with my sons, great show the fishing industry could learn a lot from these guys.
Maybe next year we could have a combined show.
Sunday had us on the Bay and the fishing slowed a liitle maybe due to the cold change but we did okay on Trevally and trolled up a Tailor along with a few small Flathead on plastics.

A top Bream caught at Trevally Alley on Wednesday.
 Trolling will produce Tailor in winter.
 Alvin was the top angler on Sunday catching quite a few Trevally.


Snapper day this coming Wednesday two spots open.

2nd of July Deep sea north from the Bay or Bay trip spots now open.

3rd of July Botany Bay trip four spots open.

School holidays fishing trips book now. 

16th of July Deep sea trip spots now open.

17th of July Botany Bay trip.

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Regards Scotty Lyons

Monday, June 20, 2016


Another wet weekend, we headed off shore last week and did well north from Botany Bay, trolling early produced a few Bonito but the close reefs are still quite which I find strange as the water looks good anyway we pushed wide from Coogee and did well boating Snapper, Pearl Pearch and Morwong and topped it off with a great bag of good size Flathead straight out from the Bay in 55metres.
Thursday I headed south and did a little home work on the Snapper as trips are now running most Wednesdays, I did well boating a few good fish.
Saturday had us north again for Botany Bay and out wide in 65metre is still fishing better with Sanpper, tricky fishing as the current was racing so we anchored up just holding bottom to produce good results.
 Snapper time in the deep water off Sydney.
 Jumbo Port Jackson took a Snapper bait in 65metres.
 Home work on the south coast, Snapper are now worth targeting.
Coogee Red nice work.

This coming Saturday the 25th I have five spots now open
 to fish north from Botany Bay wide from Coogee.

One spot open Sunday the 26th to fish Botany Bay.

29th one spot open to head South to target Snapper.

July the 2nd & 3rd are both open we can fish off shore or Bay 
Group bookings or single spots open. 

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Regards Scotty Lyons 

Tuesday, June 07, 2016


Wiped out last weekend with the weather and I think this coming weekend will see very dirty water flowing out from most of our rivers, Botany Bay and the Port Hacking are both very dirty and this will take a week or so to start to clear, Fishing should fire after all this rain both in the Bay and off shore.
Botany Bay fished well last week before all the rain with big Tailor now turning up in good numbers, caught trolling in deep water in Yarra Bay.
Treavlly good at most spots around the Bay and still the odd Bream mixed in.
King Fish have now slowed but what a great season we had in Botany Bay with many anglers finding a few to play with.
Flathead are about and spinning with Plastics working well in 2 to 5metres.


Snapper day 15th of June 5 spots open.

Botany Bay trip 22nd of June 2 spots open.

 24th Black Fish day in the Port Hacking River.

25th and 26th both open Bay or Deep sea trip.

Wednesday the 29th King Fish day at the Peak and reef day, spots now open.

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Regards Scotty Lyons