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Monday, June 30, 2008

Top weather at last

Nice weekend for a change, But the fishing on Saturday in the Bay was tough and I had to work for every fish we boated, Trevally are in smaller numbers at Trevally Alley and you will need to burley hard to fine a few fish, Try adding a very light trace of say 2 to 3kg this might help in hookups and peeled prawns and Pilchard cubes as bait.
Trolled one nice Tailor by the Third runway and a solid Kingie followed him right to the boat, I then anchored and sent a live bait over the side but no good. and it was quite on the cut baits as well.
Nathan called me Saturday afternoon from the Peak and said the Kingies are on, He had boated five nice fish to 8kgs and missed lots of hook ups as well.
Sunday morning with all on board we filled up with live bait and headed out to the Peak and as with all the other boats out there we should have been there yesterday, We boated one small Kingie and then played catch up boating a few Flathead, Morwong, and Jackets to end the day.
That's fishing.

Bump a few boys back at the ramp on Sunday and they did rather on Yellow fin out at browns fishing a cube trail, most of the fish were around 15kg but they said a few other bigger fish were caught up to 40kgs.
Port Hacking is fishing well for Luderick on the run out tide.


*Saturday the 5th and Sunday the 6th is open for a Botany Bay trip or Deep sea.

*Sunday the 11th is open.

*Saturday the 19th is open.

*Fish the school holidays mid week I have days free just give me a call.

*I have one spot left for the Fishing School on the 14th this is a Monday night plus a full day out fishing on Botany Bay.

Singles day

Saturday the 26th Deep sea only three spots left.

Sunday the 27th Botany Bay day Four spot left.

Weipa trip in September 8th to 14th only one spot left six nights seven days of tropical fishing up on Cape York for all detail give me a call.

Regards Scotty Lyons

Monday, June 23, 2008

Saturday the 5th of July
book in now, I run as singles day or full group just give me a call.
Fish Botany Bay or head off shore for the day.

Tough weekend

Friday night and the weather report was looking grim for the weekend again, Saturday was the second go with the fishing school day on the water, Gale warning along the coast, Strong wind warning in Botany Bay, So I pulled the pin and called it off again. Woke Saturday morning to a fishable day they got it wrong again, The weather had been down graded to 10 to 15 knots.
Sundays trip looked rather good as far as the weather so we head out for a day off shore, Sea was around 1.5metres and winds from the west so I headed north trolling along the ocean rocks in search of Salmon, Bonito etc no good, Anchored just wide from Wedding cake island in 25metres and found a few Trevally and Sweep but very slow, The wind stated to pick so we head back towards the Bay only to be hit head on by the southerly change that came at about 3oknots what a day what a weekend, Saved the day with a few Trevally from Trevally Alley to finish up. (love the weather)


* Fish the school holidays with the kids book in now.

*Fishing school July 14th at Hunts Marine.

*Singles day July 26th Deep sea trip, 27th Botany Bay trip book in now.

* Last two spots for Weipa trip 8th to 14th September all details on the web site.

Regards Scotty Lyons.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Well what a weekend of weather for all that love a day on the water it was a non event, But all this rain and stormy weather will bring the fish on and this weekend coming should be a good one, As the seas drop off Snapper are a top chance in close, they move in to feed.
Bream and Trevally always seem hungry after a little bad weather, The sticks would be a good starting point in Botany Bay.
Trolling may be a little slow until the water clears and I have had good results Spinning with soft plastics after bad weather, Try just wide from Towra and along the rock wall on Silver Beach.

*This Sunday is free for a day off shore or around the Bay
*Singles day on the last Saturday and Sunday of the month.
Saturday is a day on Botany Bay and Sunday is deep sea trip, I still have a few spots free.
*The fishing school July 14th only six spots left, One night at Hunts Marine plus a full day fishing Botany Bay.
*School Holidays, Take the kids fishing, book early so you don`t miss out.
Regards Scotty Lyons.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Craig Bowden and Riley Pringle and the catch from Trevally Alley
Rob and his Snapper

The day was rather cool but no rain and after the week we have just had the Bay was a little dirty with all the run off, Head straight to Trevally Alley and scored well with Trevally and Snapper to start the day. Headed off Trolling looking for Tailor and Salmon and maybe the odd Kingie all was a little quite hooking a small tailor along the Third Runway.


*Next Saturday and Sunday afternoons are free, 1pm start and fish into the dark.

*21st and 22nd are free for morning trips, fish a day on the Bay or head off shore.

*Fishing school the first Monday in July spot open book now.

*Singles day, Saturday the 28th Botany Bay and Sunday the 29th Deep sea trip.

For all bookings just give me a call 0418 169 439.

Regards Scotty Lyons

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


BOOK NOW I still have spots open


Head out on Botany Bay for a top day of fishing.
*Spin with soft plastic for Flathead.
*Fish a burley trail for Bream and Trevally.
*Troll for Tailor and Salmon.
*Target Kingies in the deep water.


Fish off shore for a wide verity of species
*Target Snapper, Morwong and Jackets.
*Troll for Bonito, Salmon and stripe Tuna.
*Jig the deep water for Kingies.

BOOKINGS 0418 169 439
Scotty Lyons

Monday, June 02, 2008


Saturday and the weather as its been for the last month was just right no wind and flat seas, We headed straight to the Peak which is about 6miles straight out of Botany Bay, I stop first and trolled past the F.A.D thinking we might score a few Stripe Tuna as they are about, As the lure bubbled past the F.A.D our first strike came and a Dolphin fish headed sky wards, The next pass another Dolphin Fish, Strange to fine them at this time of the year, next hook up headed deep to battle it out, this was a solid Tuna of about 5kgs, then all went quite at the F.A.D.
Headed across to the Peak and scored a few Pinkies off the bottom and a few Leatherjackets and lost quite a few leads(Bloody Jackets).
Sunday and the weather had changed we had a stiff breeze from the south so I trolled north towards Coogee, Our first hookup came just wide of Cape Banks on a small Mcgoo Lure, It was a Bonito so I replaced the two out side lures with one Rapala CD7 and my new lure that I have designed for Shimano and I left the Mcgoo in the middle, The next three hookups all came on the new lure, This is the second time its out fished the Rapala, first on Tailor in the Bay now on Bonito off shore, Iam very happy with these results.
Try our luck next around Wedding cake island but no good only a few Sweep. Pushed wide out into 60 metres and fished the bottom and again found Jackets and the odd Flathead to finish the weekend, Another top weekends fishing wide from Botany Bay.
Sunday and Monday of the long weekend are still open for bookings, Fish deep sea or a day on Botany Bay.
I will run both days as Singles day if I have the numbers or just book the whole boat.
Fish hard Scotty Lyons