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Sunday, May 30, 2010


Girl power in Botany Bay on Saturday.

Solid Trevally from Trevally Alley.

Group photo taken early on Saturday morning this was just
the start to a top days fishing, as caught heaps for the day.
Friday we headed off shore and found the fishing a
little patchy but caught a good mixed bag.
Fishing report
The fishing is at its best and good numbers are about in the Bay, Trevally and Bream are still the main catch most days, Saturday we caught Bream at the Sticks and Trevally Alley.
Trevally are about at most spots in the Bay and we are now catching quite a few solid fish great fun on light tackle.
Deep sea was a tricky fishing but we found a few good fish, trolling produced Bonito and small Frigets and reefs produce Trevally, Snapper, Mowrong but in small numbers.
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Sunday, May 23, 2010


One of the nice Trevally caught on Sunday at Sutherland Point.

The small Kingie that smash a live bait at Trevally Alley.

Hows this for a Blue Swimmer take on Sunday.

At last a little rain over the city and we needed it, off shore the swell was up and the wind from the south on Saturday made all fishing a little tough.
Sunday after a few report that came in I started the day in the shallows looking for the stud Bream that are about in the Bay, mid week the I fished the Sticks and only caught the odd fish but today as fishing goes the shallows only produced a few small fish and we move about looking before moving wider in 3metre straight out from the boat ramp at Kurnell and we caught four nice Bream, A mate of mine as it is with fishing smashed the Bream at the bloody Sticks, that fishing.
The Trevally are around the Drums and there are lots of small Reddies mixed in, but Sutherland point produced the goods and we did well on good Trevally.
Landed one small Kingie from Trevally Alley that smashed a live bait.
So all in all a pretty good day on the Bay with good action and yes we all got a little wet.


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Monday, May 17, 2010


Top young angler Ryan with a ripper of a Snapper caught on Squid bait at the Sticks in Botany Bay, the fish went 3.65kgs, well done Ryan we all dream of catching reds like this one.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Jason and his small Hammer head caught in the Bay today.

The boys and a nice catch of Trevally and Salmon.

The fishing this week out on Botany Bay has been rather good, Trevally have been quite around the Drums but I found good fish on Sutho point on the run in tide today but they took a little work to get them to feed and they were all good fish around 35+.
Trolled a nice Salmon and dropped one in Yarra bay just before the top of the tide and then caught a few live baits.
The tide started to run out and we anchored at the Drums and found large Yellow tail and small Tailor, one of the live baits got smashed and line peeled from Jasons reel, at first we all thought it was a Kingie but then a small Hammer Head surfaced and was boat for a quick photo before we returned him to the water.
bumped into good friend Gabe from Gabes boat and tackle today and he had a great catch of fish, Bream, Whiting and Trevally well done mate.


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Sunday, May 09, 2010


One of the five Snapper caught today in the Bay, only all just legal but good to see let hope this is the start of whats to come this Winter in the Bay.

Bonito that smash a live bait at the at the Drums.

Bryce caught this Amber Jack on Saturday
on a live bait at the Drum.

Kingie that took a live bait this weekend.

Mothers day and what a start five Bream, two Trevally and four Snapper, Iam shore the mother will be happy with the boys when they arrive home.

A dead Leafy Sea dragon this is the second one this week
I have found floating in the Bay


Well the Bay was like a ghost town on Mothers day but the fish turned it on.
Saturday we hit the Stick for Bream early and never turned a reel, I move around but the same result, The Drums proved our spot for the Day with Trevally and another small Amber Jack on a like bait and a nice Kingie so the day turned out rather good.
Mothers Day and I headed to the low end of the Bay out off the old Runway and it prove a winner with eight Bream and four Snapper all around 31cms and the best was around 34cms which is rather good for the Bay, later we scored another one at the Drums along with Trevally and a good Bonito that smashed a live bait.
And the weather how good was it both days this is the time to be out on the water and the fishing at this time of the year is always good fishing in the Bay.

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Friday, May 07, 2010


Botany Bay
May is a top time of the year to head out onto the water and the weather has been great and the fishing is at its best, Bream are on the bite across the Bay along with quite a few stud Whiting, Kingies are still a good chance around the deeper spots in the Bay and trolling is picking up the odd solid Tailor as well.
Trevally are now moving into the Bay in big numbers and will provide anglers with great action on light tackle.
Spinning with soft plastics is now starting to produce the odd Flathead around spots like Silver beach just off Kurnell and the Towra point area is always a hot spot.

Deep sea
The off shore fishing will now start to fire up as the water temp falls, King Fish are now schooling at the Peak and Twelve mile and live baits and Jigs are the way to go.
The deeper reefs wide form Coogee will start to fish well for Snapper, Morwong, Pig Fish and the Winter run of Flathead should start to show.
Dolphin Fish are in good numbers around the Fads from all reports but will head north as soon as the water temp falls.

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Monday, May 03, 2010


The boys and a top way to start the day, two hours fishing
just south of the Sticks on Saturday.

Botany Bay Report

Another great looking weekend clear skys and no wind, this is the best time of the year to be out on the water and the fishing is at it best with loads of fish about, The Bream as photo above are still in good numbers and worth targeting on both tides in the Bay, I have found the last few weeks this area just south from the Stick is fishing well so I have stuck to it most trips out. The Drums also fished well with Trevally and a few Bream and there are good LeatherJackets about to. Trolling has slowed a little but the sea was up over the weekend so I never tried around the entrance at all, Spinning with plastics is worth a try as this time of the year is normally rather good but you will need to put the time in.


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