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Sunday, September 18, 2011



Super big week out on the water, last week down south the Snapper fired up on Wednesday with 18 good Reds and four Morwong across the reef and quite a few good Flathead on the way home, Thursday the Snapper prove a little tricky only finding three good fish but still came away with a top feed.
Saturday out on the Bay, what a day, great weather but the fishing was a little slow, we caught a good catch of Trevally but we move all over the Bay to find them, Good mate Ian and his crew caught Flathead in Yarra Bay drifting with plastics.

Sunday had us heading north from the Bay, trolling early produce zip but this is quite normal for this time of the year as the water is now at its coldest.

Anchored just of Wedding Cake Island for a good bag of Trevally and one nice Red before heading wide to fish in 65metres out from Coggee, I found a good show on the sounder and drop the anchore, we pulled up tight in the current to fished the bottom and stuck into a red hot bite on the Morwong, what a session.

I pull the anchor and headed south back towards the Bay and the Southly hit hard at 11.30 and that ended our day.

A great week of Deep sea fishing.


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Regards Scotty Lyons

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A nice Flathead caught at Brighton on Squidgies on a cold windy Saturday.

Salmon and Trevally along the Third Runway taken on Squidgies.

Sundays catch from Trevally Alley.


Wild and windy, yes I was the only silly fisho out on the Bay with the boys on Saturday but at 6am all looked great just a light breeze from the south west but it hit hard about 7am and by then we were tucked in behind Trevally Alley and we did okay with a few good fish, Sunday Trevally Alley fired up on the last of the runin with good Trevally.

Salmon are about the Third runway, trolling is working well, Sunday we hooked a few on Squidgies.

Saturday with the strong winds I headed towards Brighton beach to spin for Flathead picking up to nice fish on the drift.


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Regards Scotty Lyons

Sunday, September 04, 2011


Squidgie eatting Salmon caught along the Thrid Runway.

Trevally Alley turns it on.

Fishing report
Fathers days weekend turned it on out on the Bay, Trevally early at Trevally Alley and a good size to but a little effort was needed to get them on the bite.
Tolling produced two Tailor as long as the lure we were trolling along the Third Runway, we change to soft plastics and scored two Salmon and one good Trevally and lost two more at the boat. great fun on light tackle.
Deep sea for fathers day started out great but the wind from the north made it tricky and quite sloppy found a few fish early in close before targeting Flathead after boating around eight we headed back to the Bay for the last hour or so and caught six Trevally to finish the day.


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Regards Scotty Lyons