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Monday, April 30, 2007

Mix species day

The weekend seen good fishing again, Salmon, King fish, Trevally, Bream and Flathead.
May is a top month for fishing Botany Bay I normally find all species at times, The Kingies are a little thin but the right bait and you are in with a good chance as we did on Sunday boating a 65cm fish five mintues after anchoring along with a solid Salmon that took the first bait on the way to the bottom, Spoke to a father and son who fish the bay often, They score two nice King just on first light on Squid bait,The fish that I caught fell to live Yellow Tail.
Luderick seem to be in good numbers along the container wall as we watched anglers landed about six or eight fish on Sunday around midday fishing from the wall.
Bream are still in good numbers as long as you have the right bait, Nippers are my pick and you need to fish the run, Boated four Bream and our live bait that we had under the boat was smashed but we pulled the hook.
Trevally seem to be on the bite now as the water temp has dropped a little, Burley is need to bring them on the bite and fish deeper water around structure for best results.
Finding the odd Flathead but no hot spots to list.

Keen on fishing the tropics, My Weipa trip that is on for November the 7th to the 13th has two spots free, Live on the water for the week and target Barra, Jacks, Queenfish, Coral Trout, GTs, and heaps more.
Spend a few days fishing the rock bars and reef areas before heading up into the rivers looking for Barra, Mud crabs, Finger marks, Grunter and heaps more.
Seven days Six nights of fishing heaven

Free weekend comming up for a day fishing Botany Bay 5th 6th 13th 19th just give me a call and we have you out on the water for a top days fishing.


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Friday, April 27, 2007

Botany Bay this weekend

Now the weather has cooled a little, Trevally seem to be every were so just fish deep water with the aid of burley but remember not to much, Just like when you smell the BBQ next door it should drag them in for a look not a feed (Thanks Greg from Mako bait and tackle for that one) Fish as light as you can with Pilchard cubes.
Bream are still worth the effort and I have found a few good fish around the Third Runway over the last few trips on Nippers.
Kings are still around but you will need good Bait so speak to your local tackle shop and tell them Scotty said to come in and see you for the good Squid and you will need it as the Kings have thin out a little, Good bait will bring results at time.

Hope this helps you this weekend and I think we may need our rain jacket.


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Botany Bay fishing well.

These are just a few fish that we have caught over the last week.
Trevally are in good numbers around the drums and Bream are still worth a try just wide of the Runways, Caught six Bream today on the run in tide on Nippers.

I have next Saturday free and the fishing has been great so why not grab a few mates and head out and let me show you how to fish Botany Bay and have a top days fishing.

Sunday is the singles day these day are for small groups that are looking to join others to keep the cost down and I have one spot left so be quick.


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Easter Fishing

Botany Bay is fishing well and this time of the year I find all is on ofter from Kings to Bream, Flathead to Trevally and surface action can happen at any time.
Looking at the tides over the weekend I would start first with Bream of the third runway, I like to anchor around 50 to 200 metres off in a depth of 4 to 7 metres. Nippers or Blood Worms or Tube worms and peeled Prawns will be okay as bait.
rig hear that I use is a ball sinker size 5 and a long trace of about 1.5metres and hook number one cast this out place in rod holder and the Bream will hook them selves. The tide need to be moving so fish hear from 6am to 8am.
Second spot is to catch live bait and there is plenty at the bottom of Yarra Bay in the right corner at the end of the Container wall, Burley with Pilchards for best results and catch about six then head to the drums in the middle of the Bay and anchor just of one of the Drums and burley hear with Pilchards and pellets fish light with Pilchard cubes for Trevally in the burley trail and hang a live bait under the boat for a Kingie untill the top of the tide.
On the run out tide with Squidges soft plastics head to one of the sandy beaches and spin for Flathead, I find the best water depth for this is 2 metres to 5 metres and drift and work plastics up and down as you drift.
Hope this will help you over the weekend to put a few fish in your boat, Remember just keep a feed.

I have three weekend spots comming up if any one is looking for a top day out fishing the 15th and 21st and 29th of April.

There is one spot free on the singles day on the 29th cost $150.00 per person 6am to 1pm be quick on this one.

Hope all have a great Easter and catch a few.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Great weekend fishing

Bloody windy out on Botany Bay all weekend from the south east but great fishing, Trevally in good numbers around the Drums you will need burley hear and best on the run out tide only a small run of fish with the odd better one mixed in.
Score a nice Kingie hear on a small live Yellow Tail on Saturday but only the one.
Bream still in good numbers right across the Bay and I fished just wide from Towra Point both day just to get out of the wind and did well on Bream and one nice Blue Swimmer Crab, Nipper as bait.
Sunday the Boys from Tubbys Tyres had a great and day boated three nice Kings all around the 65cm and Trevally from the Drums and Bream from the third Runway and Towra Point.