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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Deep sea fishing Trips Sydney.

Fishing Reports
At last three great day on the water in Sydney Deep sea and Bay trips and the fishing rather good.
Bonito in small numbers trolling the coast, Trevally around the shallow reefs in 20metres lots of smaller fish in the mix.
Deeper reefs over the weekend slow not to many fish landed from 40 to 60 metres.
Botany Bay fished well on Saturday with one anglers hooking his first of three Flathead and a Flounder on Plastics early, Trevally & Bream from Trevally Alley.
 How this Salmon hooked right at the end of a deep sea 
trip trolling back into Botany Bay on Sunday.
 Trevally from the Bay Saturday.
 Not a bad Flathead for your second ever on a Plastic, nice one Jason 
and it was returned to the water.
 Gernard taken at Trevally Alley.

Danny below with a winter Bream from Trevally Alley.


BLACK FISH DAY This coming Wednesday the 25th two spots open.

Botany Bay trip 6th of July four spots open.

SOUTH COAST DEEP SEA TRIP Wednesday the 9th spot now open.

12th & 13th of July now open.

0418 169 439
Regards Scotty Lyons

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sydney deep sea fishing

The weather is making it a little tough for all anglers to head out of late, I fish last Wednesday and Saturday off shore but it was tough fishing on both trips but work at it and you will be rewarded.
 A nice Morwong caught in 45metres.
 The last fish of the day on Saturday, top one Allen 46cm Snapper.
 Trolling has produced a few Bonito this week.
Nice work boys, four nice Reds on our last drift of the day.


South Coast Deep sea trip this coming Wednesday one spot open.

Wednesday the 25th BLACK FISH three spots open.

 Wednesday day the 2nd Botany Bay trip spots open.

5th & 6th of July now open for Deeps sea or Bay trips.

Booking & info
0418 169 439

Regards Scotty Lyons

Monday, June 09, 2014

Charter Fishing in Sydney

Well back in Sydney after another great trip north as last weeks photos show only to have this weekend close in and whip up the wind and rain, Welcome home Scotty, NICE ONE.
This week is shaping up rather good as the weather is improving from Tuesday on.
Just loaded another great Yout tube clip on Fresh King Fish 3 ways check it out
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Wednesday the 28th South coast trip three spots open.

Friday the 29th Bay trip.

Wednesday the 25th Black Fish day five spots open.

Botany Bay trip 29th three spots open. 

0418 169 439
Regards Scotty Lyons

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Weipa Fishing trips

Back on deck after another great trip to
Photos tell the story.
 Dave with dinner.
 Adam and his best Barra 67cms
 Dave and the best Queen Fish of the trip.
 Tuna magic out wide.
 Bill and his last fish of the trip, top Jack.
 Adam with a Blue Salmon caught at Red Clifts.
 Top Cod caught on a soft plactic back at base.
 Adam with one of the many Tuna landed, lost to plenty to Sharks.

 Clinton with a top Barra from a drain on the low tide.
Troy with a top Tuna on sun set at 3mile reef.
 Another top Queen Fish, one for the BBQ.
Bill landed the best Black Jew for the trip.

Keen to fish Wild Weipa, I have spots now open for October 2015
Just send me an email for all info
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Regards Scotty Lyons