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Monday, June 29, 2009


One happy angler with a Salmon caught at Trevally Alley.

Yarra Bay Flounder taken on a Squidgie lobby.

Yarra Bay Flathead taken on a Lobby soft plastic

The boys with a top catch for the afternoon.

Top way to finish the week a nice Jewie
from under the Captain Cook Bridge.

Alley proved the hot spot most of the week with Tailor and Trevally and the odd Salmon, Wednesday we headed out on the first of out midweek singles day that now run each Wednesday so jump on for the next one and spend the day fishing you will have Botany Bay to yourself.
Spinning with Squidgies this week boated a few nice Flathead and one good flounder in Yarra Bay all caught on Lobbies.Trolling only produced small Tailor to 25cms.
Saturday started very slow as if the tap was turned of but once the tide pushed in all came good.
Fished the Drums and the Oil wharf but only found large Yellow Tail at both spots.
Sunday afternoon was the hi light of the weekend with great fishing around the bay and top weather and we finished the day with two Jewies from under the bridge, one of around 2kgs and one smaller fish that went, we hooked a third fish but lost it on the pylons, great way to end the week.

*Wednesday the 1st singles day.
*Saturday the 4th is open.
*Sunday the 5th Singles Deep sea trip only a few spots left.
*Fishing School one spot left next monday night day
on the water is the 12th.
*Wednesday the 8th singles Day.
*Afternoon singles trip in the Bay Sunday the 12th
*Wednesday the 15th singles day deep sea.
All bookings and info give me a call 0418 169 439.
Regards Scotty Lyons

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Andrew with a nice Trevally after a wild ride
out to the Peak and back
The Hungry pelican as it drives for the Trevally
Dave with a nice Flathead taken on a
Squidgie fish of Kurnell.

Wet but good fishing, Saturday was planned as an offshore trip so we filled the bait tank and headed to the Peak, one drift in 20knots of Easterly and sloppy seas and all thought the Bay was a better way to go so we punched all the way home spotted three Whale just of Cape Banks heading north to warmer weather, Trevally Alley fired and the boys all did well on Trevally and we hand fed the local Pelican until till it got a little to keen and grabbed a Trevally right at the boat, Spinning with the plastic also pull a few nice Flathead off Kurnell.
Sunday was much the same in the Bay, Trevally and the odd Tailor early but all seem to shut down as the tide dropped and the rest of the day was rather slow, bag a few nice Squid and had a shot for some Kingies but the water temp has fallen and the Squid came back to the boat untouched.

*Wednesday the 24th two spots open.

*Wednesday the 1st spots open.

*Saturday the 4th open for group or singles.

*Sunday the 5th Singles deep sea trip four spots open.

*Saturday the 11th afternoon trip 1pm to 7pm.

*Sunday the 12th afternoon trip 1pm to 7pm.

*Next Fishing school August the 10th
at Hunts Marine call for all details.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Winter mix of Bream and Trevally

Late season Kingie

Trolling produced a few solid Tailor on Sunday

Great Winter fishing join us for a top day out on the water.

Saturday morning was the coolest start so far this year but tucked in behind the wall at Trevally Alley was the spot to be, Trevally are now about the Bay in good numbers and the Bream have to move off still the odd one mix in with the Trevally, Sunday proved much the same.
Trolling turned up nothing on Saturday but Sunday we scored a few solid Tailor.
There are still the odd Kingie hanging around we picked one up on Sunday and I saw two others landed, the one we caught was 68cms.
So it might be cool starts but the fishing is at its best and should continue.


*Thursday the 18th spots open.
*Singles Trip Sunday the 21st.

*Mid Week Singles Trip 24th spots open.

*Singles Trip Sunday 28th 1pm to 7pm.

*4th and 5th of July open.

*July Fishing School only two spots open be quick.

INFO & BOOKINGS 0418 169 439
Regards Scotty Lyons

Monday, June 08, 2009

The Long Weekend

Nice solid Tailor from Yarra Bay on Sunday.

Nathan out fishes the old boys with his first Kingie in Botany Bay
top catch mate.

Top catch of Trevally and Tailor on Sunday.

Soft plastics Squdiges Lobby working well again.

Monday fished well again at Trevally Alley early.
Botany Bay report Top weather, a little rain on Sunday with sunny breaks on Monday but no wind well only 10knots or so from the west but top weather for fishing the Bay.
Sunday saw us catching Trevally early at Trevally Alley but no Bream this week.
Trolling also produced the goods with solid Tailor in Yarra Bay and still a few Kingies around, young angler Nathan landed his first Kingie of 68cms on Sunday trolling.
Later that day spinning for Flathead just wide from Sans Souci we boated four nice fish all on Squidges.
Monday started much the same as Sunday but all seem to stop it was like the tap had been turned off, worked hard the rest of the day for only the odd fish but still a rather good day on the water.
*Singles Day Thursday the 18th Deep Sea Trip.
*Singles Day Sunday the 21st three spots open.
*Singles Day Wednesday the 24th Botany Bay Trip.
*Saturday the 4th open.
*Sunday the 5th open.
Regards Scotty Lyons
Booking call 0418 168 439.