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Monday, August 31, 2009


Headed out on Saturday, the weather forecast was for a gale warning but no time was given so it pays to watch a few different weather forecast and the one that works for me is this is a kite boards web site and its pretty good giving me a good idea when the wind will blow, the weather was spot on all day with a light breeze from the north west and the strong winds hit around 4pm, but always check a few different forecast before heading out as we know how the weather can change.
Botany Bay mainly produced Trevally and all else was a Little quite, the Bonito that I have been catching around Cape Banks have move on.
We spent two hours spinning for Flathead with plastics and Devil Vibes but no good, but a good day but a little tough on other species.
Sunday had us heading off shore but after a wild ride across to the wharf I was unable to tie off due to the strong winds from the west all headed around to the motor boat club and we pulled the pin on the day and will plan for a better day.
Offshore the fishing has been quite good with Flathead in 50 metres, Trevally around Yellow rock in close and Morwong and the odd Snapper wide from Coggee.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009


Steve with his first Jew Fish taken on Squid.
Adam and Bryce with a good Catch of Trevally and a small Flathead
from the Bay.

Adam and one of his Trevally.

Scotty Lyons Report
The weekend had us out and about on the water, A day at the Peak had us jigging but the bloody leatherjackets are back and we lost 6 jigs and 4 leads before heading off with only two Bonito.
Wide of the Bay there are loads of Sand Flathead, quite a few good ones and heaps of small ones but worth the effort, try 45 to 5ometres.
In the Bay on Sunday had us target Jew Fish early at the Bridge and we landed a small fish and lost a bloody ripper.
Out in the bat the trevally are about but they were a little fussy over the weekend.


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Monday, August 17, 2009


Top day at the Peak

55cm Sandy caught wide from the Bay in 50metres

Botany Bay Deep sea report
Well a top weekend of fishing, Saturday had us out at the Peak working jigs looking for Kingies the first drift was a little slow dropping a solid Bonito right at the boat, I move to the north and found a good looking school on the sounder and the boys let rip landing quite a few Bonito from the school but still no Kingies again move north and found another good school but these were Kingies we landed around six or seven all just under 65cms before we landed one of 67cm.
in all we ended up with eight to ten Kingies and a swag of Bonito.
After the Peak we headed to the drift ground and did rather well on the Flathead best one landed was 55cms not bad for a sandy.
Sunday had us out on the Bay with the Fishing School, Trevally Alley started slow I only saw a few fish landed and we ended up with one small Trevally.
Trolling for Tailor turn up no results so we headed to Cape Banks and trolled around the entrance and picked up four Bonito and lost one right at the boat.
Head back to Bare island just on the turn of the tide and the Trevally turned it on providing all with a good feed for the table, spent the last few hours targeting Flathead but no good.
Another top weekend on the water and the fishing is at its best for this time of the year.


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Regards Scotty Lyons
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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Cool start good fishing

Mark and the mixed catch from the Bay.

Leatherjacket taken on the Devil Vibe.

Headed out onto Botany Bay and found that the Trevally feeding well along Trevally Alley had to work for a bit to get them fired up but did well, Good mate pointed out to me at the ramp in the morning that the Bonito have turn up again along the cliffs so we headed out and picked up a few around 9am all caught on the troll.
Back in the Bay spinning with Vibes and plastics we did well a little slow but again the Bushy Devil Vibe worked scoring a good Leather jacket and we also scored a few food Flathead.

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Monday, August 03, 2009


Carol and a solid Morwong taken in 6ometres of water
on a strip of fresh Yellow Tail.

Headed off shore on Sunday in near perfect weather, light westerly and flat seas the day was set to be a ripper, stopped first and filled up with live baits from around the drums in the Bay and then set the GPS on the Peak and off we set, the plan was to have a shot at the Kingies that have been hanging around the Peak in good numbers.
The drift was spot on and all was set but after three good drifts and a lot of looking around we only boated one small Kingie about 60cms, The King Fish have moved to better feeding ground.
We then headed straight to the drift grounds wide from Coogee to target Snapper, Morwong and Flathead, again the drift was spot on but the fish again very slow only pick up one solid Morwong and a few Pig fish and two small Flathead all was in shut down.
Motored to the mouth of the Bay in 50metres and scored a few more Flathead to end the day.
We ended up with a feed but we all worked hard for that, spotted a few Whales along the way so all in all it was a top day to be out on the water.


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