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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Afternoon Trip for Jew Fish

The Boys from Ozrac

Zelko and his 6kg jew

Zelko working hard trying to stop his fish

Headed out Yesterday afternoon with the boys from Ozrac Engineering, Rob the owner was keen on taking a Jew Fish as he did on his last trip out with us.
First we headed to the bait grounds in search of Yellow Tail and Squid no problems the Squid were a little hard but we scored two.
Cape Banks for Kings and boated about eight but all were just under size 58,62, 64 and so on, That was the size of the school that was there but loads of fun on the lighter tackle.
It was time to head back to fish the Bridges, After setting the anchor we set out four baits two Squid one live Yellow Tail and a slab bait so we had all covered, Rob also worked the bottom with a soft plastic. after about two hours and one small run which may have been a big Bream, The second Squid bait screamed off and Zelko struck back and set the hook and the fish headed deep towards the bridge just stopping short and then a second solid run toward the next set of pylon again stopping short, luck was on our side, Zelko then played the fish to the boat, A nice 6kg Jew just what the boys were after this ended a top afternoon and night out on Botany Bay.

How about fishing after work, We are now running these trips every Wednesday afternoon in summer targeting King Fish and then Jew fish after dark we kick of at 4pm and fish to 10pm so if you are keen Wednesday the 12th is free.
Give me a call 0418 169 439.

Christmas Vouchers for all fishing trips, Call into Hunts Marine at Blake hurst or Tackle World Taren Point.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wet Tuesday

Nathan Smith joins Southern Sydney fishing Tours as our new offshore guide

Jayden dripping wet and happy
Under rather wet conditions today Jayden scored a few good Bream from the Hot Water out let in Botany Bay it was like a winters morning but the bream were on the chew so that kept all keen and all the fish were of a good size.
Lots a nice Kingie that smashed a soft plastic right at the boat.
Fished Kurnell Point to keep out of the weather and boat a few Trevally.
Last Sunday was a top day on the water with Trevally from the Drums early, Trolled up Salmon along the third Runway and then fished the end of the runway for eight Bream in about 2o min great fishing great day.

Sunday the 2nd is free and I run it as a Singles day so if you are keen or you have a mate that would love to tag along book in early as these trips fill fast. 0418 169 439


Nathan Smith is now on board and he will be running all of our off shore trips, Nathan has fish out of Port Hacking and Botany Bay all of his life. He has fished many club and state comps over the years top scoring in many making him a top angler in his own right and a great team player, Nathan will take you out and target Snapper and Trevally around the shallow reefs, Live bait and high speed jigging for Kingies, Target Dolphin fish around the F.A.Ds or fish the deeper water for a mixed bag of reef fish. Light tackle trolling for Bonito, Salmon and Kingies along the rock ledges is a favourite.
Spend a day fishing the washes for Snapper and Bream and a mixed bag of many so if you are keen for something a little different join Nathan for a top day fishing off shore.

BOOKING *MOBILE 0418 169 439 *OFFICE 9526 7431

Afternoon trips are also now running in both Botany Bay and off shore starting time 4pm and we fish to 10pm great for after work.
I still have free spots over the Christmas break (prime Kingie time)but they are starting to fill so if you would like to fish at this round this time please give me a call soon.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Phills Blue Morwong caught Tuesday Henry Head on a Nipper
This Sunday is the singles day and there is two spot still open, Kingies are now a great chance as we have scored a few quality fish of late, Bait has been a little hard to fine on some days but if you put in the effort the results will come.
Trevally are in smaller numbers but most fish are of a good size, The drums, Oil wharf seem to be the spots worth trying, Trevally Alley a little slow.
Trolling is producing the odd fish and the next day all quite Most fish that I have trolled up this week I have found down around the Third Runway but hot and cold.
Bream are now staring to show along the end of the Third Runway and across the Bay, Best results are closer to the river mouth as the Bream near the Third Runway are a smaller run, Nippers or gut for bait.
Spinning with soft plastics slow only the odd Flathead taken no real hot spots to list.


BOOK EARLY 0418 169 439.


Monday, November 19, 2007

test from gaven

test for fishing blog

Monday, November 12, 2007


The fishing again this weekend had us working for them on Saturday in Botany Bay, Trevally Alley only produced the odd fish, We watch on as a young angler with his dad battle a Kingie in there boat just in front of us this was a top effort as he was fishing rather light.

Fished Bare Island but no results there moved to Kurnell point just as the tide started to run out, This spot seem to fish better on the run in tide add two more to the bag.

Trolling was next on our hit list and we had already trolled Yarra Bay earlier with no results, Headed to the Third Runway and picked up a triple hook up on two rods on one lure we had a Salmon that was about 1.5kg and on the other lure we had a Salmon and a Tailor both about 1kg one on the front hook and the other on the back hook this turned the day around.

Finished the day with a small Bream and all three Sharks that live in the Bay, Port Jackson,Shovel nose and a Fiddler ray.

Nathan Smith also fished the Bay and found Trevally along the Oil wharf.

Nathan is now coming on board with me and will be running the odd fishing trip, He knows the Bay backwards, He loves the fishing around the close reefs for Snapper, Kings and has spent many years fishing north and south from Botany Bay.

Sunday headed out with my two boys and there cousin to fish a club comp, Anchored in the middle of Bait bay just out from Cronulla on the main reef area, Caught Trevally and loads of Sweep just kept a few and then headed out onto the sand for a drift and the boys caught a few Flathead to finish up.


Target Kingies and Jew fish in Botany Bay.
Head off shore for Snapper, Kingies, Tailor and Trevally.
*Now fish after work*

*Next singles day is on the 25th

*This Saturday is free the 17th for a fishing trip.


Thursday, November 08, 2007

Wet week fishing the Bay

Double hookup on Trevally

Triple hookup on Tailor and Salmon

Last weekend proved a tough one both days but we found fish but worked hard.
Trevally Alley started well first up both mornings but slowed very quick all fish caugh were of a good size.
Trolling around the Bay on Saturday produce zip, But Sunday we scored a triple hookup on Tailor and Salmon nere the Third runway and one Flathead.
Bream are worth a try from Towra point and back towards the bridge, Chicken gut would be the best bait to use with all the rain it might be a little dirty come this weekend on the run out tide.
I have spots on the boat open for this weekend so if you are looking for a day on the water the weather is looking rather good for fishing just give me a call

0418 169 439.

Fish Hard Scotty Lyons

Monday, November 05, 2007

Shit weather, Hard Fishing.

Well last weekend I found the fishing rather tough and the weather well that's Sydney, We fished hard on both trips and found fish.
Trevally Alley still a little quite the fish just come on the bite then that's it there gone quite strange.
Trolling on Saturday was very quite so Sunday I tried trolling along the rocky ledges just out the front but no good later that day I trolled the third Runway and scored two Salmon one Tailor and a small Flathead the same area that I trolled on the Saturday and never had a touch.
Spinning for Flathead a little tough over the weekend.
Bream not to bad just in the river mouth just off Dolls Point try Chicken gut as I caught the Bream on Trevally gut as the small Snapper smash ever nipper that I put out.
Yes we caught nice fish both days but we worked for them.
This weekend I have a few spots free for the Saturday 10th just give me a call if you are keen 0418 169 439.

Saturday the 17th of November is now free.

Saturday the 1st and Sunday the 2nd are free.

Next singles day is the 25th of November and I have two spots open for that day.

Next fishing school and the last for the year is on December 3rd and I have one spot left. (Next fishing school is Feb 08)