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Monday, September 29, 2008

Mixed Weekend of Fishing

Saturday had us out at the Peak targeting Kingies, But no luck only scored the odd fish from the bottom and found the day rather tough that's for shore as did other anglers out there.
Sunday headed north and found Salmon working just of Yellow rock and we boated a few before heading wide to fish the bottom and did rather well with a mixed bag of reef fish.
Monday fished the Bay and Trevally Alley fired early with good size Trevally until the tide turned and stated to run out and they stopped.
Spinning for Flathead is proving rather good with lots of anglers doing well, I boated a few today on Squidgies just of Towra Point.


*Snapper day on the 11th of October down south from Port Hacking.

*Singles afternoon trip and I have four spots open on the 19th of October.

*Sinles day morning trip in Botany Bay 2nd of November.

*Fishing School November the 3rd and the day on the water is 8th.
All bookings please call 0418 169 439
Regards Scotty Lyons

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One spot open this weekend

To book in just give me a call
0418 169 439
Regards Scotty Lyons

Wild time in Weipa

Weipa trip September 08 how good is the fishing

Toby and his popper eating GT

Marget with a Queensland Groper pulled from the snags
and returned to the water
John and a Barramundi taken on live bait
George trolled up this solid Finger mark bream

Dave and his Cobia
Jim with a top GT
Marget and her first fish on her first cast and the first fish for for the trip
a soild Golden Trevally

Botany Bay trip today 24th
Trevally from Trevally Alley
Botany Bay Pike mixed in with the Trevally

Sorry about not having my reports fresh as the last few weeks were spent in Weipa along with
six anglers from Sydney and what a top week of great fishing and a top bunch of
anglers and yes Glenn the food was spot on. The photos should spell it out for all.
Botany Bay has been rather good, Today did well on Trevally along Trevally Alley and pick up a few Tailor trolling Yarra Bay early, Most of the third runway is now a no fishing zone as work has started on Port Botany expansion, you can fish along the front and down the western side only this is a bit of a bummer.
Spinning with plastic had us drop a solid fish right next to the boat, my Father Bill and Clive did well late last week with a good bag of 15 Flathead one was 75cms and they put her back, they work hard fishing all over the Bay, no real hot spot.
Deep sea on Sunday saw us land Quite a few Leatherjackets and Flathead just wide from Botany Bay, we fished the Peak early but no Kingies and it was a little quite on the bottom.


Snapper trip
Snapper trip on the 11th and I have spots still open.

Mid week trips
15th Botany Bay trip and the 16th Deep sea this is for a full group booking or singles.
22nd Botany Bay trip and the 23rd Deep sea trip.

Singles day
Sunday 19th afternoon singles trip 1pm to 7pm in Botany Bay four spots open.

Fishing school in November
I have spots open for the fishing school this is a night + full day out fishing
Night class is on the 3rd and your day on the water is on the 8th.
April 09 and September 09 trips are starting to fill
book now if you are keen on a top weeks fishing.
All detail 0418 169 439
Regards Scotty Lyons

Monday, September 01, 2008


Two spots have open up for our Weipa trip in April 09 from the 18th, This is for seven days and six nights of tropical fishing bliss, All details are on my web page or please give me a call.
Regards Scotty Lyons 0418 169 439

Fathers day specials

*Botany Bay Trips.
*Deep sea Trips.
*Fishing Schools.
All details on the web page or please give me a call.
Mobile 0418 169 439 Office 9526 7431
Regards Scotty Lyons.


Botany Bay Trevally are fishing well as the love the cooler water that is around in winter and Trevally alley is the spot, Burley is needed and fish as light as you can with small baits.
Trolling of late has produced the odd Tailor but you need to work on them as they are moving about so finding them is the trick. The Third runway is one spot that I have score a few fish.
Spinning with plastic along the edges of the runway is also working well for the odd Flathead.
Luderick are a top species to target in winter and the rock walls along Brighton beach and the Container wall are two spots worth looking at.
Deep Sea is fishing well with Kingies around the Peak in small numbers so live baits are needed but the odd fish is falling to jigs. Dropping baits to the bottom on the Peak is a top chance for Snapper, Mowrong and Pinkies and yes the odd Leatherjacket, Why not jump on board next Sunday for the Kingie trip out to the Peak.
The close reefs are holding good numbers of Trevally, Sweep and Snapper and the odd Kingie.

*Saturday the 6th Botany Bay Trip.
*Sunday the 7th Kingie Trip.
*Saturday 13th Snapper Trip.
To book into one of the above trips just give Scotty a call 0418 169 439
Regards Scotty Lyons